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Family Roots

The Paul family first arrived in Dalhousie Township, Ontario in the 1820s. As settlers, they were taught to make maple syrup and hard maple sugar bricks as a necessity, so that they had year round access to sweeteners. Three generations later, my grandparents Brien and Marion Paul took some innovative steps and started installing tubing for sap collection instead of the labour intensive buckets. The sugar bush quickly expanded from 800 taps to a couple of thousand.

By the mid-1980s we were humming along with 6,500 taps on tubing, and 800 buckets still being gathered by hand. They quickly decided that a reverse osmosis system and a brand new oil fired evaporator were necessary. My father (Darrell) and uncle (Wayne) became invaluable assets to keep such an operation running in the short maple season, and made a few more inventions of their own to speed up the sap gathering.

Now, after learning many hard lessons of the four generations previous (maybe five or 6, we just can't find written records that far back), it has become my honour to take up the family tradition of producing top quality maple products on the family farm. With a little luck and countless hours of help from friends and family, it will continue for years to come.

- Nathan Paul, Paul's Maple Products

Maple tree